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Overlooking the English Channel on the south coast of England, Beachy Head is one of England’s most popular beauty spots. Over a million people a year visit the breathtaking landscape and 535ft chalk cliffs. Yet, despite the magnificence, Beachy Head is a deadly and notorious place, which over the centuries has seen ruthless smugglers, sinister murders, spectral sightings and tragic suicides.

For the first time, read stories from witness accounts of lifeboatmen, cliff rescue teams, lighthouse keepers and those who believed their tale would never be told. Retrace their footsteps on the headland as you discover the monuments, memories and mysteries of Untold Stories – Beachy Head.

The author, Sheila Ryan, lives in Surrey with her family and dog. She works as a paramedic in London and also has an MA in Creative & Professional Writing. Sheila is an editor for LAMP, a magazine for the Association of Lighthouse Keepers. This is her first book with SB Publications.

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Untold Stories Beachy Head by Sheila Ryan

This paperback book comprises
196 pages, includes breathtaking photography and retails at £10.99.

Amazon ISBN 978185770-363-1


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